Princeton PDG TY1: Princeton Digital Group announces $1 billion hyperscale campus in Tokyo, Japan

Jun 29, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Princeton Digital Group is building a 100MW hyperscale campus in Tokyo, Japan. Investments in the facility are also expected to reach $1 billion. The facility would be built on an eight-acre site in Saitama City, Tokyo. Princeton Digital Group will build the facility in two phases, with each phase being 48.5MW each. Besides, Japan is a new market for Princeton Digital Group, and they have plans to have 600MW capacity across the region.

Rangu Salgame, CEO of PDG, commented that the Asia Pacific region is ready to be the largest data center market globally. And that building the new hyperscale campus in the region shows the Company’s goal to be the market leader in the region.

Princeton Press Release on June 29, 2021:
Tokyo, Japan | June 29, 2021 – Singapore-based Princeton Digital Group (PDG), Asia’s leading data center provider, today announced its plan to build one of the largest hyperscale facilities in Tokyo, Japan, with a total investment value of USD 1 Billion. Japan is the fifth market that the company has entered in since its formation 4 years ago. With this investment, PDG marks a major milestone in its plan to build a 600 megawatts (MW) portfolio across the region.

The new campus at Saitama City will have close to 100 MW of critical IT capacity across two phases of 48.5 MW each. Saitama City is one of the major commercial centers of the Greater Tokyo area. Located 30 km north of central Tokyo, the PDG Saitama campus has a total land area of 33,047 m². The facility is designed to serve leading hyperscalers in Japan, one of the most dynamic cloud markets in the world.

PDG has already secured the land and power with construction to begin later this year. The facility will be built to the latest hyperscale design and standards, with unrivalled scalability, connectivity and reliability.

“The Asia Pacific region is set to be the largest data center market in the world, and this announcement underscores our vision to be the market leader in this region,” said Rangu Salgame, Chairman and CEO of Princeton Digital Group. “Over the last four years, through our unique three-pronged strategy of acquisitions, carve-outs and greenfield development, we’ve built a strong portfolio of data centers across key Asian markets such as China, Singapore, Indonesia and India. PDG has become a partner of choice for hyperscalers across multiple countries. Our entry into Japan and, in particular, Tokyo demonstrates our continued ability to enter new markets that matter to our customers.”

Tokyo is the largest data center market in Asia outside of China and is still in the early stages of growth, particularly in terms of entry and expansion of global hyperscalers. According to Structure Research, Greater Tokyo’s hyperscale colocation market is expected to reach USD1.6 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 25.1% between 2021 and 2025.

“The Greater Tokyo market is projected to see accelerated demand from hyperscale data center deployments moving forward from what we believe is a convergence of several critical factors that include Japan’s sizeable addressable market as the 3rd largest country in the world by GDP, the absence of a domestic hyperscale cloud platform that presents an ideal competitive landscape between both US and Chinese hyperscale cloud providers, as well as being a key connectivity aggregation and distribution hub for submarine cables landing from the US West Coast to access the rest of the Asia Pacific region”, said Jabez Tan, Head of Research, Structure Research.

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