Prime Data Centers: Prime plans first Phoenix data center campus

May 08, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Prime has announced that it is expanding into the Phoenix market with a new five-building, 66.5-acre campus located in Avondale. Prime's new location will feature 210 MW of critical power and span 1.3 million square feet of space.

According to the company, it plans to embed sustainability features into the campus, offering 100% renewable energy to its customers and will also employ a closed-loop cooling system at each data center on the campus, which is pegged to save millions of gallons of water. Prime outlined that this will result in a near-zero WUE and 97% less water consumed. 

Chris Sumter, EVP of Acquisitions at Prime, said that Phoenix presents an "incredible growth opportunity" for Prime as a top-five North American data center market with increasing demand from cloud and enterprise data center buyers. 

"With compelling state tax incentives, power costs 16% to 18% below national averages and low risk of natural disasters, Phoenix will sustain its position for years to come," Sumter said, adding: "This project will further Prime's commitment to sustainability and technology advancement through efficient enablement of higher power densities and recycled water."

Avondale Mayor Kenneth Weise welcomed Prime to the area and commented that with the new data center campus and an investment of more than two billion dollars, Avondale is "poised to become a next-generation technology hub."

Adding: "This will foster lasting, positive economic growth for years to come with hundreds of permanent and temporary jobs created with the construction of each data center."

Weise also shared the the sustainable campus design aligns with local and state government commitments to water conservation, energy efficiency and the proliferation of clean energy consumption.