Orange: PCCW-led Peace subsea cable arrives in Bizerte, Tunisia

Feb 07, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The PCCW-led Peace subsea cable has landed in Bizerte, Tunisia. According to industry observer Philippe Devaux, this cable known as Ifriqya by local operator Ooredoo – was landed by Orange’s CS Teliri.

“Today, we celebrate a historic achievement with the arrival of the submarine cable "Ifriqya" in Bizerte, connecting Tunisia to Europe. With a robust capacity of up to 3Tbps, this cable marks a significant step in strengthening our international connectivity,” Ooredoo Tunisie said on LinkedIn. “This breakthrough underscores our commitment to technological innovation. Get ready for improved diversity and connectivity options when the cable goes live in March 2024!”

The Huawei-made Peace cable initially launched in 2022, linking Marseilles in France to Egypt.  It is operated by Hong Kong-based telecoms company PCCW Global and is 15,000km long (9,320m). The cable has a capacity of up to 96Tbps for the Pakistan-Egypt segment, and even more at 192Tbps for the Mediterranean segment from Egypt to France.