OVH Strasbourg Campus: OVH Data Center SBG2 Destroyed by fire in Strasbourg

Mar 10, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

A fire destroyed SBG2 and part of SBG1 data centers in Strasbourg, France. The facilities are part of a data center campus owned by OVH Cloud, a French cloud computing company. The fire destroyed completely destroyed SBG2 and 4 rooms out of 12 in the adjacent SBG1 data center. At this time, it is unknown what started the fire.

Although OVH designates them as separate buildings they are all adjacent to each other as seen photo below.

OVH founder and chairman Octave Klaba said on Twitter, “Fire destroyed SBG2. A part of SBG1 is destroyed. Firefighters are protecting SBG3. No impact SBG4,” “We don’t have access to the site. That is why SBG1, SBG3, SBG4 won’t be restarted today,” he added.

The Strasbourg site is one of OVHcloud’s 17 data centres in France, out of 32 globally.

The timing is particularly bad for OVH. The company started the process for an IPO two days earlier on March 8th. Founded in 1999, OVHcloud is the biggest European-based cloud services provider, competing against US giants Amazon Web Services, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud.

OVH Fire
Credit: Bas-Rhin SDIS

credit: Bas-Rhin SDIS
Credit: Bas-Rhin SDIS