Orange: Orange outlines a number of energy-saving measures ahead of potential blackouts this winter

Oct 11, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Orange recently released a number of sustainability measures to save energy and reduce electricity consumption in France. The company outlined that in the face of an energy crisis, with reports that Europe could face rolling blackouts, as a telecom business, it has a role to play in decreasing pressure on the power grid. Subsequently, during peak consumption, Orange will cut 5 to 10% of its instantaneous electricity consumption for one hour per day. 

The telecom company will also be switching to electric for several thousand fixed network installations, which it said will help conserve up to 20 MW. Orange has also outlined that these energy-saving measures will not impact users. 

Further to decreasing its instantaneous electricity consumption, the company also said that when there are few visitors to its offices, some quieter working spaces will be closed to reduce energy consumption further, stating: “Energy saving is everyone’s business, and every gesture counts.”

The company's CEO Christel Heydemann says the measures are necessary to "avoid load shedding measures this winter." Adding: "In an uncertain geopolitical and economic context, we share the French government's concerns and we have developed a concrete plan to support the national energy-saving initiative. By offering to cut consumption at several thousand technical sites for one hour, we will reduce our instantaneous power requirements by up to 10 percent, without impacting the service offered to users."

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