: Open Access Data Centres To Open Three New Edge Facilities in South Africa

Oct 03, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Open Access Data Centres (OADC) has announced its plan to launch three new Edge facilities in South Africa. The CEO of OADC, Dr. Ayotunde Coker, revealed in a statement that the company is further expanding its Edge data centers to more business hubs in the country to meet the demands of ISPs, 5G operators, and fiber operators. He noted that the company now has almost 30 Edge data centers in operation in the country. According to him, the development will immensely transform the South African market.

OADC is a subsidiary of WIOCC (West Indian Ocean Cable Company). In November 2021, WIOCC announced that it raised $200m to launch OADC. A few months later, OADC also announced that it is looking to invest $500m in developing facilities in Africa over the next five years. Earlier in May, the company revealed that it would deploy more than 100 0.5MW Edge facilities before the end of the year. South Africa already has 17 of these Edge facilities.

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