Connecticut: O&G Industries To Develop a 32MW Facility in Beacon Falls, Connecticut

May 05, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

O&G Industries has announced that it plans to develop a 32MW data center in Beacon Falls, Connecticut. The construction firm is looking to develop the facility on a 47-acre site in Gruber Road, Railroad. The residents of Beacon Falls were receptive to the data center and approved the facility unanimously in a special town meeting held to deliberate the proposal. 

According to reports, the data center will be a two-story building that spans 27,300 square meters (294,164 square feet). In addition, it will include a fuel cell. Again, the data center will remain connected to the grid, while backup generators will be provided. O&G Industries was established in 1923, and it deals in construction. Some of the projects it has executed include airports, stadiums, power plants, roads, and medical centers.