NTT: NTT's bee project

Feb 25, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

On top of its Vienna 1 facility near Wienerberg, NTT is keeping bees. The company says that it decided to embark on this project based on the location of its facility, which is near a natural recreation area. Those on the team said that the project also allows the on-site team to “enjoy the delicious honey” produced by the bees. 

According to the company, the four hives on top of the facility, depending on the conditions, are capable of producing around 100lb (45kg) of honey per year, but more importantly, the bees will also help to pollinate local plants.

Moreover, while scientists outline these kinds of projects can be good “in moderation,” too many of these hives can work to the detriment of wild bees. Likewise, enhancing the surrounding forage plants and wildflowers around facilities can help to improve the environment for other pollinators.