NTT: NTT data centers in India becomes 100% booked

Aug 28, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The entire capacity of NTT's data center campuses currently under construction in Kolkata, Noida, Chennai, and other areas of Maharashtra has been pre-booked. NTT Data's Senior Vice President of Global Delivery, Ravi Kumar, stated.

The Japanese conglomerate revealed plans to invest $2 billion in hyperscale data center facilities and undersea cables over the next four years. The company anticipates spending $500 million over four years. This year, NTT broke ground on a new data center campus in Kolkata that will cost $241,500,000. According to recent reports, NTT intends to double the size of its data center by March 2024.

NTT, which has merged its data center operation with its IT business, has also begun training its existing workforce on AI-powered tools. Particularly expedient engineering. Kumar told Businessline that the company mandates between 100 and 220 hours of AI training for its employees.