North Carolina: North Carolina government funds new Washington-Warren Airport DC

Oct 02, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

After receiving additional government funding, North Carolina's Washington-Warren Airport is on track to get a new data center campus. This airport in Washington City will get $13.5 million in funding from the state budget.

The government funds will be utilized to develop "key infrastructure," including a "state of the art" data center campus. It will also be used to develop other needed facilities as determined by the Airport Authority. All planned data center facilities will be dedicated to advancing air mobility design, engineering, training, and manufacturing initiatives at the airport.

Roy Whichard, chairman of the Washington-Warren Airport Authority, said, "This is a landmark moment. Such a substantial investment is a testament to our commitment to community progress and the prospects it brings."

The Washington-Warren Airport is a regional airport owned and operated by Washington City. This airport accommodates small to medium-sized aircraft with a runway of 5,002 feet.