NEXTDC: NextDC is Looking For $413.3m For Global Expansion

May 12, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

NextDC, an Australian data center company, will open projects in Kuala Lumpur and Auckland. They secretly added New Zealand, Malaysia, and Japan data center proposals to its site last month. None of the locations had timelines or specifications. The company disclosed foreign expansion in an ASX report this week. It needs $413.3m to build two projects in Malaysia and New Zealand and expand a Sydney facility. KL1 in Kuala Lumpur will include 196,450 square feet of IT space and 65MW capacity on a 452,100-square-foot site. Phase one will generate 7.5MW for $166 million. The company bought the location for $35 million, 6 miles from the central business area.

AK1 in Auckland will have 32,300 sq ft of IT space and 10MW capacity, expandable to 15MW. Phase one will generate 1.7MW for $93m. The business bought the site for $14 million. Both locations will be built next year for H1 2026 go-live. NextDC has data centers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Port Hedland, Canberra, the Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, and Darwin. The corporation received $279 million in debt in January. This was added to HSBC and NAB's $1.6 billion debt facility for Asia Pacific expansion.

NextDC also accelerated the fit-out at S3 in Sydney once contracted utilization increased. The business said 46% of S3's intended 80MW capacity is contracted, "significantly exceeding" the facility's built capacity. The company is raising $413.3m to build KL1, AK1, S3, and other corporate and transaction expenditures.