NextDC Sydney S4: NextDC buys land in west Sydney for new data center campus

Jul 30, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

NextDC just bought a plot of land covering 1,334,724 square feet in West Sydney for the development of a new data center. The site is located at Horsley Park, in New South Wales. This location will be NextDC’s fourth facility in the city, and it will be called S4. NextDC also says subject to approval; the site is expected to house a data center with up to 300MW of capacity.

According to NextDC, there is a high demand for premium quality data assets in regions like Sydney. This will help shape the Company’s growth trajectory of technology infrastructure in the coming years. The land was reported to have been purchased from CSR limited for a cost of AU$124 million (US$91.8m). NextDC says it will continue offering its customers dual availability zone solutions from its existing facilities.

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