MTS Greenbush: MTS acquires GreenBush data center in Moscow

Jul 06, 2021 | Posted by Eric Bell

Russian telco MTS has acquired Moscow based data center, GreenBush. MTS acquired 100% of GDTs Energy Group, which owns the GreenBush data center, for RUB 5.2 billion ($70.8 million). The GreenBush data center was first launched in 2018, and it was Tier III certified. At full build out, it will have 19MW of capacity and 56,100 square feet of floor space..

Igor Egorov, VP for infrastructure at MTS, commented on the acquisition. He said MTS is now one of the largest data center players in Russia because it has been able to strike a balance between building out modular data centers and seeking opportunities to acquire attractive assets in the market. He further added that the GreenBush data center has the potential to rank among the top-five data centers in Russia by capacity when fully equipped.

MTS will be using the acquired data center to offer cloud solutions and colocation to customers. It will also use the facility for the Company's compute and storage needs.
Greenbush DC