Northern Virginia: Million square foot data center given the go-ahead in Haymarket, North Virginia

Jun 17, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

A one million square foot data center has been given the go-ahead just outside the town of Haymarket, following the Prince William Board of County Supervisors approving a rezoning and special use permit. Locals, however, have voiced their concerns that minority communities may be negatively impacted by overhead transmission lines cutting through residential areas despite approval.

The company behind the data center at the Village Place Technology Park has attempted to quell locals’ concerns. On page 7 of its application, it says if the project requires the construction of new transmission towers with overhead transmission lines cutting through the west of the property, it won’t go through with completion.

The Village Park project is to begin development within the next three years. It will span 1,020,000 square foot (94,761 sq m) across four buildings, with a capacity of 210MW and an assessed value of $280.5m.