Minnesota: Meta to proceed with 750,000 square feet facility in Rosemount city Council

Dec 28, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Rosemount City Council has voted unanimously in favor of the Meta data center development in Minnesota. Following this vote, the facility will be developed on part of the University of Minnesota's UMore Park.

The approved plan d will see a 750,000 sq ft (69,670 sqm) data center campus be developed with two data halls. The data center buildings will be comprised of formed metal panels and precast architectural concrete support.

Data halls, a support building for housing equipment and office use, a guard house and two communication towers will be built on this site which Meta plans to invest about $700 million on. This facility is expected to provide 50 full-time jobs and 150 indirect jobs. During the anticipated two to five-year building period, around 1,000 construction jobs are likely to be created.