New Mexico: Los Alamos Lab unveils Venado supercomputer

Apr 16, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

The Venado supercomputer has been launched at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This is a system which consists of 2,560 direct, liquid-cooled Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchips; 920 Nvidia Grace CPU Superchips, each of which contains 144 Arm cores; and is networked with HPE Slingshot 11 interconnect.

In a statement, LANL said the system is “the first large-scale system with Nvidia Grace CPU superchips deployed in the United States.”

“Powerful supercomputing with AI-driven capabilities will enable researchers to make high-impact breakthroughs and solve real-world problems in this next era of scientific discovery,” said Trish Damkroger, senior vice president and general manager, HPC & AI Infrastructure Solutions at HPE.

“Los Alamos National Laboratory continues to demonstrate cutting-edge research and engineering achievements with industry-leading supercomputing. We are proud of our longstanding relationship with the Lab to build Venado, together with Nvidia, to deliver innovative AI solutions that will accelerate discoveries and make impactful contributions in fields like materials science and energy research.”