Sydney: Lacework announces availability of Sydney based data center

Mar 01, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Lacework has announced the availability of its new cloud data center in Sydney, New South Wales, which is pegged to provide organizations with lower latencies in Australia and New Zealand, with better support. Richard Davies, Area Director at Lacework, said that as the Australia and New Zealand region continues to be a critical market for Lacework, this new investment demonstrates its commitment to supporting local customers "at the highest level." Further, Davies said: "With so many organisations in A/NZ rapidly moving workloads to the cloud, we're helping to ensure they're better prepared to protect themselves and their data."

Speaking about his company's response to these changes, Jarrett Baker, technical operations manager at IPSI, said that, due to operating in the compliance space, data sovereignty is vital for both the company and its customers, who have requirements that include keeping data onshore, and so "couldn't even consider a security monitoring tool that didn't meet those requirements." 

Adding: "Beyond our compliance needs, Lacework offers the most mature and fit for purpose product suite we reviewed and having the tool in place has reduced the time spent reviewing traffic from one to two hours per day to less than ten minutes."