Cologix Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville (Colo-D3 Proposed): Huge Expansions in Montreal Makes COLO-D one of the Largest Data Center Providers in Canada

Oct 26, 2018 | Posted by Bob Tester

MONTREAL - COLO-D is proud to announce that it will develop a new 150 MW data center in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, 15 km from downtown Montreal. This move makes COLO-D Canada's largest data center provider for enterprise customers. Simultaneously, COLO-D will add 15 MW to its D2 facility in Longueuil, for a total capacity of 220 MW of renewable energy.

"This avant-garde campus, designated D3, located on a property of over 22 acres, will be COLO-D's third location and will be designed and operated using the very latest in green technologies," said Patrick David, COLO-D president and CEO. "Our clients will benefit from Quebec's stable and renewable power to improve their corporate responsibility."

The 500,000 sq. ft. campus will be powered by two redundant 315 kV electrical feeds, each serviced by two separate high-voltage sub-stations. This strategic location is considered to have one of the most reliable and secure supplies of electrical power in North America.

"With our new D3 campus, we will become one of North America's leaders in providing wholesale data center solutions. We are excited to offer a rich and unique ecosystem of data centers for customers looking to implement large-scale solutions in a region that is becoming a global data center hub," said Mr. David, adding that Montreal is becoming one of the industry's top markets in North America.

COLO-D offers high-level connectivity to large businesses with specific needs in terms of peering, network interconnections, and content sharing. The D3 campus will offer an abundance of fully redundant and diverse paths, including links to international telecom hubs. It will also be connected to COLO-D's other data centers via diverse fiber optic routes, offering customers the ability to build redundant geo-clustering solutions at sites in different climates and seismic zones.

Expansion of D2 in Longueuil

Concurrent to the construction of D3, COLO-D will expand its Longueuil site by adding 15 MW in order to meet high demand at D2. This 80,000 sq. ft. expansion has been made possible by the acquisition of the adjacent building.


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