Google: Google to migrate parts of YouTube to Google Cloud

Jun 04, 2021 | Posted by AbdulRahmanOladimeji

Google has decided to migrate some of its YouTube infrastructure to its own Google Cloud Service. Initially, many of Google’s key services like YouTube and its search engine are being hosted on internal infrastructure that isn’t Google Cloud Computing Service (GCP).

Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, said that evolving the cloud means the Company has to use more of its services, and in doing so, YouTube is moving to Google Cloud. Although Kurian didn’t state the parts of YouTube that would be moved to the GCP, he noted that Waze, DeepMind, and Google Workspace are all part of the GCP infrastructure.

Besides, the development will also make it easier for Google’s salespeople who are always trying to get large Companies to use Google Cloud Computing Service. Now, they can have confidence in the service since it is good enough for Google.

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