Google: Google To Launch Cloud Regions in New Zealand, Thailand, and Malaysia

Aug 17, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google has announced its plans to launch three Cloud regions in the APAC region. The company plans to launch these regions in New Zealand, Thailand, and Malaysia. Although its competitors like Microsoft Azure and AWS already have projects in the works in Malaysia and New Zealand, it is the first US cloud provider to announce plans for a region in Thailand. The company stated that it is expanding into the Asia Pacific region due to increased demand for cloud services there. 

The search engine giant did not reveal details about the regions' location, timelines, or specifications. However, reports show that it will not be developing its own facility in New Zealand. Google noted, "These new cloud regions represent our ongoing commitment to supporting digital transformation across Asia Pacific. We continue to invest in expanding connectivity throughout the region by working with partners in the telecommunications industry to establish subsea cables — including Apricot, Echo, JGA South, INDIGO, and Topaz — and points of presence in major cities."

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