Google: Google signs PPA with Engie for 100MW

Dec 02, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

ENGIE and Google are teaming up following the signing of a Power Purchase Agreement (Corporate PPA). The 12-year 100 MW PPA will see ENGIE deliver more than 5 TWh of green energy to Google from the Moray West project. The project is an offshore wind farm of nearly 900 MW, which is scheduled to be commissioned as early as 2025. As per the deal, Google's facilities are projected to operate at or near 90% carbon-free energy (CFE) on an hourly basis in 2025. This is up from a projected 67%.

Speaking about the deal, Matt Brittin, president of Google EMEA, explained that citizens in the UK and across Europe are "increasingly concerned about climate change and energy security" and that Google shares this concern. He went on to add that the company believes technology is an "important part of the solution" because it will reduce its own emissions and help others to reduce theirs." "This new investment in UK renewable energy brings us one step closer to reaching our goal of operating entirely on carbon-free energy by 2030 and means that, in the UK, we'll be running on at or near 90 percent carbon-free energy in 2025," he said.

Paulo Almirante, Engie senior EVP, added: "This contract demonstrates the strength of the Group's renewable portfolio, with 37GW of renewable assets, a major advantage for our customers in their decarbonization strategy."

"This PPA represents the realization of offshore wind as an efficient energy source capable of meeting the high energy demands and the carbon neutrality objectives of countries and customers. Ocean Winds is proud to support Google in this adventure and to work hand in hand with ENGIE for this commercial success. By currently developing, constructing or operating over 6 GW of offshore wind projects in the UK, Ocean Winds is actively contributing to the necessary transition to clean energy," commented Bautista RODRIGUEZ, CEO of Ocean Winds.

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