Google: Google signs new power supply deal with Nevada Energy

Jun 14, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google has signed a new type of power supply deal with Nevada utility company NV Energy. Dubbed a “clean transition tariff," it will see NV Energy procure 115MW of renewable energy from a geothermal power plant run by Fervo Energy.

In a joint blog post on the deal, Amanda Peterson Corio, Google’s global head of data center energy, and Briana Kobor, head of energy market innovation, said: “Technologies, like enhanced geothermal, long-duration energy storage and advanced nuclear power, are early-stage, relatively costly and poorly incentivized by current regulatory structures. As a result, customers often still rely on fossil fuels for reliable power when solar and wind aren’t available.

Doug Cannon, president and CEO of NV Energy described the new partnership as “remarkable.” He said, “This innovative proposal will not be paid for by NV Energy’s other customers but will help ensure all our customers benefit from cleaner, greener energy resources. If approved, it provides a blueprint for other utilities and large customers in Nevada to accelerate clean energy goals. We look forward to progressing this proposal through the regulatory process to approval and look forward to sharing this with other customers to advance the additional economic opportunities it can bring to our State.”