Google: Google Launches First Cloud Region in Texas

Jun 08, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google has announced a new cloud region in Dallas, Texas. In a statement by the company, it said it is happy to expand its presence in Texas by launching a new cloud region in Dallas, making it the second region in the central US and the eleventh in North America. This is the company’s first region in the State. Interestingly, Google acquired the 375-acre of land for the region in 2018. There are also reports that Google will invest up to $500 million in the facility. 

According to Google, its standard products like Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, CloudSQL, Persistent Disk, Cloud Identity, and Google Kubernetes Engine are available at the Dallas location. Google first announced plans for the region in December 2021. It has now launched three regions this year. It launched one in Madrid, Spain, and another in Columbus, Ohio.

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