Google: Google and Thales Partner to form French sovereign cloud service

Oct 08, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google and Thales have announced a new Joint Venture that will offer a sovereign cloud service in France. The companies announced that they would develop a sovereign hyperscale cloud offering for France. The new company aims to provide cloud services to local private and public companies that meet the enacted French 'Trusted Cloud' requirements.

EVP, Secure Communications and Information Systems at Thales, Marc Darmon, said the new partnership with Google Cloud would help boost the digital transformation of organizations that want to keep sovereignty over their data. He further added that both companies would address the French government's criteria for a trusted cloud. 

CEO at Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian, commented on the development. He said both Google and Thales have the vision to deliver the most trusted and innovative solutions to France's public sector and private organizations. He also added that organizations stand to gain a lot from their new company without compromising privacy, security, and sovereignty, which the French government requires.

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