Google: Google Acquires Land in Finland For Possible Data Center Development

Jun 23, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Google has acquired 50 hectares of land in Hamina, Finland, for €4.3 million ($4.5m). The land is also located next to the company’s existing sea-cooled data center. The existing data center was acquired from Stora Enso, a Finnish paper company in 2009. It also opened the data center in 2011. Google has expanded and upgraded the facility multiple times. It also made an upgrade to the facility in 2021. The search engine giant revealed that it had invested €1.2 billion ($1.26bn) on the facility so far.

The company did not reveal its plans for the new site yet. However, Lauri Ikonen, the Operations Manager of the existing Hamina facility, said Google would be able to expand in Hamina when required. Google has been busy with expansions this year. It launched new US cloud regions in Dallas, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio. It also launched regions in Milan, Italy, and Madrid, Spain.

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