Flexential: Flexential to expand Georgia and Oregon data center campuses

Jul 11, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

A second building is anticipated at its new campus in Atlanta, and a fifth building will be constructed in Hillsboro, according to Flexential's announcement of new data center developments in Georgia and Oregon. This week, the company revealed the construction of a 36MW phased development on its campus in Atlanta-Douglasville, Georgia. No completion dates were communicated. This is in addition to a 22.5MW facility announced last year and will be accessible to consumers this year.

The first phase of Flexential's new Hillsboro 4 facility in Portland, Oregon, is scheduled to be finished by the fall of 2023, and the company also plans to start construction on its fifth facility there. Hillsboro 5, a 36MW data center, is currently undergoing planning, but project timelines have not been disclosed.

In September 2022, Flexential announced plans for a two-building campus expansion in Hillsboro. The company stated at the time that it would utilize an existing 138,000-square-foot data center to swiftly deliver its fourth data center in Hillsboro, adjacent to its Hillsboro 3 facility at 5419 NE Starr Blvd, in addition to future plans to construct another facility.