Ohio: Expedient unveils new facility in Columbus, Ohio

Feb 15, 2024 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Expedient this week announced that it has launched services from a data center in Columbus, Ohio, previously operated by an insurance firm and has added a former Nationwide data center near Columbus to its portfolio. This facility located at 281 E. Powell Road in Lewis Center township, the 102,000 sq ft (9,475 sqm) facility offers 39,600 sq ft (3,680 sqm) of raised floor space and connectivity via four carriers.

"We are expanding our footprint to meet the rapidly growing demand for our services," says Bryan Smith, CEO of Expedient. "This facility helps us deliver transformative IT and emerging AI capabilities to our client's data across various cloud environments. It is our Cloud Different approach that accommodates enterprise applications running on a variety of different platforms, allowing clients to transition to the cloud at their own pace and access value-added managed services effortlessly.

"In addition, clients can co-locate equipment they own and have it directly adjacent to their Expedient cloud platforms, which eliminates all network latency and data transfer fees, resulting in savings of more than 20 percent on their typical cloud costs."