Colt Data Centre Services: Exa And Colt Will Update The Channel Tunnel Route's Fiber Equipment

Mar 09, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Fiber infrastructure along the Channel Tunnel, which connects England and France, will be upgraded by Exa Infrastructure and Colt Technical Services. To provide clients with a cutting-edge G.652D cable route from London to Paris, the two telecom infrastructure providers will collaborate to update their cables on each side of the tunnel. It comes around 18 months after Colt inked a 25-year deal with railway operator Getlink, responsible for managing and running the tunnel's infrastructure. Exa stated that it would add 288 fibers of the newest G.652D optical cable to the 41 miles of its subsea network. Given that the Channel Tunnel opened in May 1994 and the contracts to construct fiber in 1998 are now outdated, the timing of the fiber improvements is crucial. 

The Channel Tunnel links London and Paris while providing flexible travel options to Amsterdam and Frankfurt. A new fiber optic network connection between London and Paris that transmits data in just 5.5 milliseconds roundtrip was also unveiled last year by Exa. This network connection is one of 96 such pairs on Crosslake Fibre's 2,400Tbps capacity CrossChannel subsea cable, which was made operational in December 2021. Exa Infrastructure wasn't established until 2021 when I Squared Capital bought GTT's infrastructure division. With subsea route options that include three transatlantic cables, the company owns about 70,000 miles of fiber network spread across 32 nations. This network connects 300 cities and provides 14 Tier III-equivalent data centers.