eStruxture Calgary CAL-1: eStruxture wins new customer, VEERUM, at Its Calgary Data Center

Nov 06, 2019 | Posted by Eric Advinci

eStruxture Data Centers has announced that it has won a new customer in its Calgary facility. The Calgary-based SaaS provider VEERUM is moving into eStruxture's facility in Calgary, Alberta. eStructure acquired the facility from Shaw in August. VEERUM specializes in asset visualization and management, offering cloud-based virtual 3d models for its customers.

eStruxture Press Release:
CALGARY, Alberta -- eStruxture Data Centers, a leading Canadian provider of network and cloud-neutral data center solutions, and VEERUM, a Calgary-headquartered SaaS provider, are now working together to shape the fut­­ure of asset visualization and management. The two companies are proud to announce that VEERUM has selected eStruxture's Calgary data center (CAL-1) for its colocation and network connectivity needs. eStruxture acquired the facility from Shaw Communications in August 2019.

Approximately 90% of capital developments around the world, from new infrastructure projects to improvements on existing capital assets, go overbudget, wasting $1.6 trillion every year. To mitigate this problem, VEERUM offers clients the ability to create virtual 3D models of their projects through its cloud-based Asset Visualization Platform. This enables companies to analyze project progress, verify quality standards and make data-driven decisions to mitigate issues as they arise. Now, as it expands its client base at home and abroad, VEERUM has turned to eStruxture to establish a forward-looking colocation and connectivity strategy in its home city of Calgary.

"As one of the largest carrier and cloud-neutral data center solutions p­roviders in Calgary, eStruxture offers us the direct, low latency access we need to the hyperscale providers of our choice," says David Lod, Chief Executive Officer of VEERUM. "SOC-II and PCI-compliant, they also give us peace-of-mind from a data security and business continuity perspective. As we worked with eStruxture's team of experts to design a solution that can meet our requirements, we were impressed by their commitment to uptime and customer-centric approach. eStruxture is certainly a partner of choice for leading-edge colocation and connectivity solutions."

"VEERUM is an exciting new partner for the eStruxture team because of their valuable work supporting capital project delivery at a global scale," adds Jaime Leverton, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at eStruxture. "With the latest in power delivery equipment, energy-efficient cooling and multiple security zones, our CAL-1 data center is highly scalable, with significant room to support the future growth of our customers. Thanks to our partnerships with IX Reach, Megaport, and AWS, as well as our pan-Canadian network of data centers, businesses in Calgary can boost georedundancy and directly access a vibrant ecosystem of network, application and cloud service providers. For SaaS companies like VEERUM, this is of critical value as they look for solutions that can support them as they grow into new markets."