Equinix AM11: Equinix Acquires Switch Datacenter's AMS1 Facility in Amsterdam

Apr 24, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

Equinix has acquired Switch Datacenter's AMS1 facility in Amsterdam for $34 million. Here are the quick facts:
  • The facility, located at Lemelerbergweg 28, will be renamed to AM11 and will be Equinix's 9th data center in Amsterdam.  
  • The AM11 site is close to Equinix's existing southeast Amsterdam campus, which includes AM1, AM2, AM5 and AM7. 
  • The AM11 data center will be interconnected to Equinix's AM7 data center.
  • Switch Datacenters is a local provider in the Amsterdam market. Not to be confused with Switch (headquartered in Las Vegas) or Global Switch (headquartered in London.)
    Equinix provided image

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