Dublin: Energia Group plans 800,000 sq ft data center in Dublin, Ireland

Nov 04, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Huntstown Power Company, a subsidiary of Energia Group, plans to build two data centers next to its Power Station in Dublin, Ireland. Hunstown has filed for planning permission with Fingal County Council. It is looking to build two data center buildings on 13.3 hectares of land. Each building will have three stories, with a gross floor area of 400,000 square feet (37,647 square meters). The proposed site is currently used for agricultural purposes. 

By developing the facilities, Huntstown would be demolishing two residential dwellings. It would also be building a 220kV substation at the site. Hunstown Power Company says the facilities would be developed over ten years. The firm had filed for permission on the development of the data centers since August. However, the Fingal County Council requested more information on the facility before approval. Some of the information includes road layouts and information on noise insulation.

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