: Elon Musk Halts Data Center Consolidation, Google Cloud Makes Cutbacks

Feb 09, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Late on Wednesday, there was a Twitter outage that prevented users from Tweeting, following accounts, or sending direct messages. A notification stating that the "daily limit of tweets has been reached" was displayed to certain users. Elon Musk, the CEO and new owner, advised workers in an email seen by Fortune that they should put off developing new features for the time being in favor of increasing system reliability and robustness, particularly with the Super Bowl approaching. 

In a subsequent email, he said that the organization should postpone leaving Sacramento, consolidating Atlanta, which are the data centers used by Twitter, and decreasing utilization of the Google Cloud Platform until at least next week. Twitter had three data centers when he acquired the business for $44 billion last year: one in Sacramento, one in Atlanta, and one in Portland. Additionally, it invested a lot in Google Cloud services. 

Musk was nonetheless compelled to make cost reductions after piling the business with high-interest debt. Along with significant layoffs, Musk also downsized Atlanta and Google Cloud spending in order to save $1 billion. He also instructed the shutdown of the Sacramento data center on Christmas Eve. The service experienced a brief partial interruption shortly after, but has largely been operational up to this point. The social networking site is anticipated to have strong traffic around the Superbowl on February 12th, putting the smaller infrastructural footprint to the test.

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