Scotland: EE installs 4G mast in two remote Scottish Islands

Dec 06, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

UK mobile operator EE has installed new 4G mobile masts in two remote Scottish islands; Out Skerries, one of the UK's most remote islands with a population of around 70, and another on Foulda, Shetlands. This is as a part of the Scottish Government’s £28.75 million Scottish 4G Infill program, which aims to deliver 4G infrastructure to rural areas across the country.

Greg McCall, chief networks officer at BT Group, “These new 4G sites provide residents with fast and reliable access to online services like banking, healthcare, and shopping, while empowering rural Scottish businesses to take mobile payments and offer new digital experiences.”

He added, “Together with the Scottish Government and our industry partners, we are helping close the UK’s digital divide and deliver the connectivity boost countryside communities can rely on.”