EdgeCore Internet Real Estate, LLC: EdgeCore ntends to construct a data center in Sterling, Virginia.

May 25, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

EdgeCore, an American data center company, intends to construct multiple data centers in Sterling, Virginia. According to a summary of a land development application filed to Loudoun County in February, EdgeCore submitted a site plan to construct a data center in Sterling. The property is located on Horseshoe Drive, reportedly at 45925, occupied by several office developments. There were 45925 proposals for data center rezoning last year. Currently, the proposed data center specifications are unclear.

Stewart Investment Partners describes 45925 Horseshoe as a two-building, 136,000-square-foot office complex. In 2000, the property was constructed specifically for the anchor tenant to function as their North American headquarters. The tenant occupied the entire property until 2015 when they began to reduce their footprint on the site. A public REIT sold the property to Stewart in June 2021 for $17.25 million. The site is located directly to the north of a Cyxtera facility and to the east of a CyrusOne site. It is also adjacent to three structures at 21660, 21670, and 21680 Ridgetop Circle, which AWS intends to demolish and replace with two data centers.

The site is one of several that EdgeCore intends to develop in the Sterling region. The company plans to construct a data center at 45865 Maries Road, approximately one mile south of the Horseshoe site and adjacent to two CyrusOne and two Digital Realty sites to the east and north, respectively. EdgeCore submitted a rezoning application last year. According to the organization's website, the Maries Road location will provide 348,000 square feet and 54 megawatts.

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