EdgeConneX: EdgeConneX contests the Dublin data center denial

Aug 22, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

EdgeConneX Ireland has appealed to An Bord Pleanála against South Dublin County Council's decision to deny its proposed data center. The company intended to construct two adjacent data centers on its Dublin Campus in Ballmakaily, Lucan, Dublin, on Newcastle Road. Two single-story data centers with a total floor area of 161,500 square feet and 24 standby diesel generators were planned. 

According to EdgeConneX, the Dublin campus covers 22 hectares and has room for up to five additional data centers. According to South Dublin County Council, the grid's insufficient capacity and EdgeConneX's lack of a fixed connection agreement were the reasons for the rejection. The absence of power purchase agreements and on-site renewable energy sources nationwide raised additional issues.

EdgeConneX argues in the appeal that the council is adopting an "unreasonably rigid approach" to its development plan and misunderstood the proposal. EdgeConneX asserts that it has a connection agreement with EirGrid and refutes the existence of any capacity issues. In the short to medium term, the company claimed it would power the data center with a gas-powered generation plant before connecting to the country's electricity infrastructure.

Furthermore, the company argues that the data centers have been designed to be converted to renewable energy when it becomes accessible and that its gas-powered energy facility will "benefit the grid's stability." The appeal's judgment is currently scheduled for December 2023.