Echelon Data Centres: Echelon Data Centres granted planning approval for 100MW data center in County Wicklow

May 11, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Echelon Data Centres has announced that it has been granted planning permission to build its DUB30 data center in Arklow, Ireland. The approval was subject to 25 conditions, and proposals outline that the company will demolish the current buildings on the 24.16-hectare site. Following this, it will build three data centers standing at 22,210 sqm (293,000 sq ft) each.
The company's DUB30 data center given the go-ahead

This site is one of the company's six data center sites with a combined capacity of 500MW.

This development is the second project given the go-ahead in Arklow. The company's other 100MW DUB20 facility is based near Arklow's Avoca River Park and is also under development.