NTT Berlin 2 (Marienpark): e-shelter Acquired Land for 2nd Berlin Data Center

Apr 16, 2019 | Posted by Eric Bell

e-shelter announced today that it acquired land for its 2nd Berlin facility. This one will be big. When fully complete it will be 60,000 sqM (645,000 SqFt) and 90 MVA (72 Megawatts.)

The site will sit on the South side of Berlin in an area called Marienpark, which is approximately 14 km from e-shelter's other data center in Berlin. 

Marienpark is a neat area complete with parks, old buildings and breweries. (Stone Brewery is located in the area.) The location will give technical workers that work inside the data center a is a nice change of from the typical industrial areas that data centers are usually located.
Marienpark Berlin Water Tower and Park

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