Digital Realty Trust: Digital Realty Sets Up Direct Liquid Cooling at Paris "HPC-capable" Data Center

May 12, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Direct liquid cooling (DLC) capabilities have been implemented at Digital Realty's La Courneuve data center in Paris, France. According to the company, its new facility is capable of high-performance computing (HPC). Fabrice Coquio, SVP and managing director – France at Digital Realty stated that working closely with their users and supporting their ever-changing requirements is a top priority for the company, which is why they offer an HPC-compatible DLC solution in Paris.

Customers can deploy their most compute-intensive programs in an environment optimized for energy efficiency thanks to the liquid cooling solution provided by Digital Realty. The new HPC-capable facility in Paris is another step toward the company's vision of becoming a hub for companies, technologies, and data. The PAR8 data center has a total building area of 280 000 square feet and an electrical capacity of 19,200 kW. It is the first of four data centers proposed for the Paris Digital Park. The Paris Digital Park will provide up to 85MW of power and 430,500 square feet of space, as announced in April 2020.