Digital Realty Trust: Digital Realty explores biofuel for backup energy in Spain

Jan 31, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Digital Realty is the latest data center company to explore the use of biofuel for backup energy. Through partnering with Spanish energy company Repsol, the company has announced the first data center to switch out fossil fuels for biofuel is its MAD3 facility in Spain, which offers 5.8MW of power across 8,7000 sqm.

The company operates three facilities in Spain, all of which are located in Madrid, with a fourth in development in the city and a fifth in Barcelona, projected to go live next year. 

Speaking about the biofuel option, Jose Luis García, fleet manager at Repsol, added: "Renewable fuels are an option that is already available and therefore offer a quick and cost-efficient solution to reduce CO2 emissions in conventional engines. Perhaps their best-known use is in transportation, for all types of vehicles, but they can also be used in these generator sets, critical equipment that must provide a reliable power supply in power outage situations."

"With the use of Repsol's renewable fuels, we hope to significantly reduce scope 1 emissions derived from the annual tests we carry out to confirm that our generators are ready to work in the event of a grid supply interruption," said Digital Realty facility manager Carlos Muñoz.

Adding: "In northern Europe, the use of this type of renewable fuel is common in different facilities, but not so much in countries further south."