Digital Realty Trust: Digital Realty and Dutch college launches demonstration data center to teach students

Oct 13, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Digital Realty has partnered with a Dutch vocational college in Amsterdam to launch a new demo data center to teach students data center skills. Students from the Cloud & Infrastructure Technician course opened the demo data center at MBO College Zuidoost this week. 

Melissa Scholten, senior communications manager at Digital Realty, said, “The importance of investing in young talent and the digital future is great. We see and experience this on a daily basis. That is why Digital Realty is happy to provide a complete mini data center to give students from the ROC of Amsterdam a realistic picture of a possible career in the data center industry.”

This demonstration data center managed by students is fully functioning. It can teach students basic data center skills and help them practice server and cable installations, preparing them for the job market. This data center includes a neighboring sustainability room to show the connection between the power consumption of the data center and the impact on the environment.

ROCVA teacher Jolanda Harskamp ​​said, “With the data center at MBO College Zuidoost, we bring our ICT students closer to practice, we improve the quality of our education and we stimulate students with the physical presence of technology.”