Republic of Ireland: Development of Nautilus's Floating Data Center Back on Track

Mar 03, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

Nautilus Data Technologies has revealed that the construction of its floating data center in Limerick, Ireland is about to start. The company first announced plans for the data center two years ago after gaining approval. The data center construction was delayed due to the pandemic. However, development is now underway at a mooring station located at James Casey Walk, Off the Dock Road. Nautilus plans to spend up to €35 million ($39m) developing the data center.

The firm first got approval for the facility in September 2019 before Covid disrupted its construction plans. Nautilus currently employs 15 people at the site. It will also employ up to 100 construction workers later. The facility will also provide 25 permanent jobs. Nautilus says it will take 18 months for the data center to be completed.