Germany / Deutschland: Deutsche Telekom signs 150MW PPA

Aug 08, 2022 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Deutsche Telekom has announced that it has signed a 150MW PPA with Statkraft and Power & Air Solutions, which will provide the company with energy from between 2023 to 2028. According to Statkraft, this deal means that 16 of its own wind farms that no longer receive EEG subsidies will continue to operate.

Speaking about this deal, Klaas Bauermann, head of downstream origination for Statkraft, said: "We are very pleased to be able to support Deutsche Telekom AG's sustainability goals through this green power purchase agreement and at the same time secure the continued operation of our plants." Bauermann added: "Supplying industrial companies with customized, high-quality green power solutions is our core business. The focus is on the customer's individual requirements, and we are able to structure the supply accordingly – up to base load."

Bernd Schulte-Sprenger, managing director of Power & Air Solutions, commented: "We are fully supporting the energy transition and actively promote the use of renewable energy. Through this new PPA, in cooperation with Statkraft, we guarantee the continued operation of onshore wind farms in Germany whose subsidies have expired."