Denmark: Denmark issues new regulations around surplus heat

Sep 22, 2021 | Posted by MadalineDunn

Denmark’s Energy Ministry has announced a new agreement, which outlines regulations and taxation on heat sent to district heating networks. This agreement, which will come into effect by 2022, will encourage businesses and district heating companies to utilize surplus heat. The Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities has stated that this agreement will benefit data center companies.

There will be a price ceiling here, under which the total cost of utilizing the surplus heat must be kept below, and this will be set annually. Meanwhile, companies which have a surplus heat capacity under 0.25MW will be exempt from price regulation.

It outlined: “A new political agreement must ensure that the excess heat from refrigeration systems and servers are not lost, but to a much greater extent end up in the district heating pipes.”

Further to this, Minister of Climate Dan Jørgensen: “It may sound strange, but the refrigerated counter in the local supermarket can actually help keep the radiator warm. It makes good and green sense to reuse the heat that appliances and plants create to heat private homes.”

Adding: “It saves both resources and helps the climate. The business community is ready, and I am really pleased with the input and the good dialogue that has taken place through our climate partnership, which has been a useful contribution to making a good agreement.”

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