DataBank: DataBank to expand one of its Seattle, Washington facilities

Apr 18, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

DataBank has announced it is expanding one of its Seattle, Washington facilities. The company plans to increase the floor space to 27,900 square feet (2,590 sqm) and up the available critical IT power to 3MW.

“We decided to expand our footprint in the Seattle area based on how fast its digital economy is growing,” said Tony Qorri, DataBank VP of construction. 

Qorri said that the facility is in response to demand from growing tech companies and emerging startups that need "cost-effective colocation solutions" that easily integrate with other IT environments while providing a strong security posture that meets compliance requirements. "That’s exactly what our data centers deliver,” Qorri said. 

The expansion is set to be complete by the fourth quarter of 2023.