DataBank: DataBank purchases existing building for fifth data center in Denver

Jul 27, 2021 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DataBank has announced that it has purchased an existing land and building in Denver. The land and building acquired would be DataBank’s home for its fifth data center in Denver. This facility is located at 6961 S. Quentin Street in Centennial, CO. DataBank says the facility will help it meet the increased demand for mission-critical IT infrastructure in the competitive Denver market.

The building has 108,000 square feet of space, and it will also provide 75,000 square feet of raised flooring. It will also have 15MW of UPS power that will be able to allow enterprise workloads, high-density computing, and hyperscale workloads.

DataBank’s new DEN5 facility is next to its DEN2 data center, which will allow existing customers to expand their IT infrastructure efficiently. Also, DataBank says DEN5 will be able to take advantage of the resources, staff, network, and carrier access of DEN2.

The purchased building

DataBank's Press Release on July 26, 2021

Dallas, TX – July 26, 2021 DataBank, a leading provider of enterprise-class colocation, connectivity, and managed services, announced today that it had purchased the existing facility located at 6961 S. Quentin Street in Centennial CO.  The facility will become the future home of DEN5 – DataBank’s 5th Denver data center – and augment capacity to meet the accelerating demand for mission critical IT infrastructure in the Denver market. 

By purchasing an existing light industrial facility that can be rapidly retrofitted, DataBank furthers its strategy of owning and controlling the real estate beneath its data centers, and accelerates the pace at which it can bring online new capacity. The 108,000 square foot building will ultimately provide 75,000 square feet of raised flooring and 15 MW of UPS power designed to accommodate high-density computing, enterprise and hyperscale workloads.

The new DEN5 facility is adjacent to DataBank’s existing DEN2 data center, which has been in place since 2011, providing a convenient campus environment across which customers can confidently expand their IT infrastructure. In addition to being carrier-neutral itself, DEN5 will be able to leverage the staff, resources, network and carrier access of DEN2, further accelerating deployment and enhancing scalability. The initial DEN5 build will feature one data hall of 30,000 raised square footage and 6MW of power, with expansion capacity of two additional data halls. Denver is at the heart of the Front Range area, a strong center of growth for start-ups and venture capital in the tech industry. 

The region has technology, research and education assets -- and Denver had developed its own Tech Center area long before the dot com era was established.  A recent Forbes article ranked Denver and nearby Fort Collins in the top five for businesses and careers, citing the “very educated populations and the global companies that are headquartered in the area.”  The area also has more than a dozen major federal research facilities.

“The investment in this new campus responds to Denver's need for colocation, connectivity, and cloud services, solidifying its status as a prime location for enterprise-class data centers,” comments Raul Martynek, DataBank’s CEO.  “With this acquisition, DataBank will bring to the Denver market both high-value IT operations jobs and the reliable IT infrastructure our customers need to create a limitless digital future for their business.”

DataBank’s edge infrastructure platform provides colocation, cloud and network services across its 60+ data centers, modular/micro data centers and 20 neutral interconnects. The company’s hands-on support, managed security and compliance services along with 100% uptime guarantee, provide an extra level of support and reliability for enterprises.