DataBank: DataBank is Expanding its Las Vegas Data Center

Mar 10, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DataBank has announced that it will be expanding its LAS1 data center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility is located at 7185 Pollock Drive. DataBank will add 929 square meters (10,000 square feet) of data center space to the facility. Upon completion of the expansion, the data center’s total space will increase to 30,000 square feet. In addition, its facility will also increase to 3MW from 1.4MW. 

DataBank’s VP of construction, Toni Qorri, said the development is because of the increased demand for data center services in the area. He added that upon build-out, the facility will help maximize DataBank’s data center footprint in the Las Vegas market. DataBank has been very busy in the last few months. The company made a series of expansions after raising $1 billion last year. It also revealed that it would be adding over 15MW in capacity and 120,000 square feet of space to existing data centers.