DataBank Atlanta ATL3: DataBank Finally Completes ATL3 Expansion

Jul 15, 2022 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

DataBank has announced the completion of its ATL3 data center in Atlanta, Georgia. The data center company first started expanding the facility in 2021. It has now added over 2,050 square meters (22,000 square feet) of data center space to the facility to bring its white space capacity to 4,090 square meters (44,000 square feet). It also now has a total raised floor space of 6,700 square meters (72,000 square feet). In addition, the company’s capacity is now increased to 6MW from 1.5MW.

The VP of construction at DataBank, Tony Qorri, said the company had been anticipating the completion of the expansion project to support its customers’ data center needs. According to him, the additional capacity added to the ATL3 data center shows the company’s commitment to expanding in the Atlanta data center market. DataBank currently operates three facilities in Atlanta with a total capacity of 32MW upon full build-out.