Stream Data Centers: Data center expansion targetted in Elk Grove, Chicago

Jul 06, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

The Elk Grove area of Chicago is being targeted as a site of data center expansion by numerous operators. Aligned, Stream and Nexstar are all seeking to develop data centers in the area. 

Aligned, for example, is planning to demolish three office buildings it acquired for $29 million, along Northwest Point Boulevard to make way for a five-building data center; village trustees have now approved a measure to send the proposed campus project to village plan commissioners for public hearing. 

Stream Data Centers, meanwhile, is also looking to demolish 57 residential properties and develop a three-building data center campus, with an on-site substation. The company hopes to facilitate this through its petition for annexation and re-subdivision of 700-905 Roppolo Drive, 802-901 Richard Lane, 2110 Landmeier Road, and 701-913 Dierking Terrace.

Elsewhere, TV and radio company Nexstar has been granted preliminary approval for a new data center campus at a WGN radio transmitter site. The campus development will feature three data center buildings. There will be two two-story facilities, the first will span 334,000 sq ft, while the other will 339,000 sq ft, both with four data halls each. The third will be a two-story building spanning 169,000 sq ft over two data halls. According to reports, work on the first building will begin later this year.

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