CyrusOne: CyrusOne requests approval for a Dublin data center

Aug 23, 2023 | Posted by Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji

CyrusOne has applied to the South Dublin County Council for permission to construct a new data center in the Grange Castle Business Park in the Irish capital. The application, submitted on July 14, calls for the demolition of a one-story home called "Erganagh" and the erection of a three-story office building, a two-story data center, and delivery bays. The combined gross floor area of the two buildings will be 381,320 square feet.

A two-story delivery bay will be connected to the data center's single data hall on each floor, which will also have service and technical space on the east side of the block. The envisioned power supply for the facility will consist of an on-site plant with 32 standby generators and two 20-meter-tall flues per generator. CyrusOne is also proposing an on-site substation, transformer yard and facility. On the upper-level plant gantries, 32 "acoustically attenuated chillers" will provide the cooling.

South Dublin County Council's verdict on the application is due on September 7.