CyrusOne: CyrusOne launches new AI-specific built-to-suit data center design

Aug 30, 2023 | Posted by MadalineDunn

CyrusOne has announced the launch of an AI-specific built-to-suit data center design, which it says has been developed specifically to address the “rapidly growing needs of AI applications and services.”

The company notes that the Intelliscale data center is built on an ultra-high-density foundation and occupies 25% of the space of typical data centers - depending on the application and needs. Further, its modular manufacturing approach reportedly enables customers to utilize liquid-to-chip cooling technology, rear door heat exchanger cooling systems, and immersion cooling to achieve efficient cooling up to 300kW per rack. 

"The exponential increase in AI workloads will inevitably further impact the unprecedented demand that our industry is facing,” commented John Hatem, chief operating officer at CyrusOne.

“In this environment, planning for long-term AI growth is imperative, and ensuring cloud service providers have the infrastructure to support it is central to making this a reality. Deploying Intelliscale today will allow organizations to secure their AI future. With this global solution, our objective is to establish an AI environment for our high-density customers that is efficient and flexible, empowering customers to enter the market more swiftly and cost-effectively."

CyrusOne CEO Eric Schwartz said: "We are constantly challenged to deliver next-generation solutions for what our customers desire, and Intelliscale is just one example of how we are responding. We're thrilled to be offering the data center industry's first-of-its-kind AI solution, a game changer for the industry."